Illustrated Chronicle of Ivan the Terrible. Russian history (Book 1)

Illustrated Chronicle of Ivan the Terrible. Russian history (Book 1)
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The Illustrated Chronicle of Ivan the Terrible (Лицевой летописный свод) is the largest compilation of historical information ever assembled in medieval Russia. It covers the period from the creation of the world to the year 1567. It is also informally known as the Tsar Book (Царь-книга), in an analogy with Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon.

The set of manuscripts was commissioned by Ivan the Terrible specifically for his royal library. The literal meaning of the Russian title is "face chronicle," alluding to the numerous hand-painted miniatures. The compilation consists of 10 volumes, containing about 10 thousand sheets of rag paper. It is illustrated with more than 16 thousand miniatures.

Face (Illustrated with the image of "People") Chronicle is not only a monument to Russian manuscript and a masterpiece of ancient Russian literacy. It is a literary, historical, artistic monument of world importance. It is no coincidence he is informally called the King-Book (similar to the Tsar Cannon and Tsar Bell). Facial chronicle was created in the 2nd half of the XVI century on the orders of Tsar Ivan IV Vasilyevich the Terrible in a single copy for his children. On the book of the Personal vault worked metropolitan and "sovereign" artisans around 15 clerks and 10 artists. The Code consists of about 10 thousand. Sheets and over 17 thousand. Illustrations, with graphic material is about 2/3 of the volume of the monument. Figures miniature (landscape, historical, battle and genre) not only illustrate the text, but also complementary. Some events are not written, but only painted. The figures tell the reader looked like in ancient times clothes, military armor, vestments, weapons, tools, household items and so on. In the history of the world there is no monument to medieval writing, such as the Facial chronicle of the breadth of coverage, and by volume. It consists of the sacred, ancient Hebrew and ancient Greek history, the story of the Trojan War, and Alexander the Great, scenes stories Roman and Byzantine empires, as well as record, covering important events Russia four and a half centuries: from 1114 for 1567 years. (Assume that did not survive the beginning and end of the record, namely Tale of Bygone Years, a significant part of the history of the reign of Ivan the Terrible, as well as some other pieces.) In the Personal vault history of the Russian state is considered inextricably with world history.

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Выставка "Самарские древности".

17 мая 2018 г. в Самарском областном художественном музее (ул. Куйбышева 92) состоялось открытие выставки "Самарские древности". 

Недослушанные притчи.

19 мая 2017 года в Самарской областной универсальной научной библиотеке прошло мероприятие с лекцией о "Повести о Варлааме и Иоасафе" и чтением притч из этого произведения.

Презентация интернет-ресурса РНБ.

Презентация книги.

12 октября 2016 года в Самарской областной универсальной научной библиотеке состоялась презентация книги А. И. Макарова "Первое литературное произведение Самары", посвященной предисловию самарского переписчика к рукописи Жития преп. Варлаама и Иоасафа, переписанной в Самаре в 1628 году. 

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